Stories From The Bright Side. True stories about little ones and food.

Stories From The Bright Side. True stories about little ones and food.

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When little ones meet food, funny happens. We’ve gathered
stories from some of our favorite bloggers, and once you’ve
had a look, why not share one of your own?
Is feeding time a struggle? You’re not alone. Listen to
these stories shared by fellow feeding time fumblers.

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We’re all born with a Bright Side. It’s our inner optimist, 
that little voice inside that says ‘we can do anything’. 
And who doesn’t want to be the one brimming with
contagious optimism?

But our Bright Side needs energy to shine and grow, and the best sources of energy are organic fruit, vegetables, grains, meat and dairy.  At Happy Family we use the best ingredients to create tasty blends, then add extra nutrition like Salba® the super chia and pre and probiotics, just to ensure that every bite really counts.

Because when little ones are nourished with food that's made without using yucky additives, everyone is happy.

Happy Family.  We’re here to feed your Bright Side.

We’re here to help families eat on the Bright Side.
Our organic food is made for your little ones without
the use of yucky additives.
Happy Family launched on Mother’s Day 2006 with a mission: to provide the very best premium, organic food for babies, toddlers and beyond. Founded and operated by moms, we have grown the business by caring about healthy, happy families just as much as you do. Pediatricians and nutritionists help to formulate our recipes, which start with the best organic ingredients. We add extra nutrition when we can, to make sure little ones get more from each bite, and that parents are happy about their food choices.
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